Fitness Coaching

I can help! My programs are personalized to fit your unique needs and challenges. We provide coaching, support, education, and the science to back up our practices and methods.

Small to midsized companies

(1 to 200 employees/per location) seeking create or expand their workplace wellness package, increase employee productivity, and reduce healthcare costs.
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Individuals and families

Seeking to transform their health and fitness through making sustainable lifestyle changes to improve health and feel amazing.
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Event Coordinators and Conference Planners

Seeking to energize participants to improve their attention, memory, and energy. (Overcome “Zoom fatigue”.)
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Get Moving at Work

Workplace Fitness

My Workplace wellness programs are designed to help your employees to be more focused, productive, and attentive at work, as well as, Prevent and or reverse the onset of chronic lifestyle disease(s). I focus on helping clients make behavioral changes in the areas of exercise, healthy eating, and stress reduction which they will be able to integrate into their lifestyle. Using our tools and strategies, your employees can adopt and maintain wellness habits to prevent illness, absenteeism, and to increase productivity.

Boost productivity and team building skills with our creative challenges to improve fitness, reduce stress, sharpen focus, and promote healthy eating habits.

You choose that special employee everyone loves and respects. I provide program support to design and lead wellness activities for your workplace (Webinar).

Make the most of your lunch break with tips on healthy eating, managing stress, or quick easy moves you can do at your workstation. (45-minute interactive presentation.)

10 easy exercises at 10 a.m.(or whatever this works for you) Following the initial training, we provide videos to keep your workouts fresh. 

On-line instruction and videos your employees can access at their computers to maintain a fitness routine in just five minutes—no gym required.

Stress reduces an employee’s ability to focus, engage, and produce. Stress also leads to illness. Use Fitness at Work’s breathing and mindset trainings to cut stress, increase productivity, and reduce the onset of stress related illnesses.

Healthy eating is necessary to achieving and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional wellness. My nutrition programs help people understand what foods can help them improve their fitness, Learn how to meal plan, shop (select the right foods for you), and turn those foods into delicious meals.

After a consultation, Fitness at Work will design a group program for your employees (6-12 participants). Your custom program can include exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, education and other wellness initiatives.

With so many workplaces having employees working from home and juggling kids at home too, Fitness at Work is also able to provide fun and effective fitness programs for your employees and their children to enjoy together.  Classes can range from 15-45 minutes, 2 to 3 times week.  

Workplace Wellness Assessment

At Fitness at Work, I will work with you to assess your business’s needs, in order to tailor a customized fitness program to meet your specific needs and budget.

Identify the best approach for your workplace

I strive to improve the lives of people by helping them integrate health, wellness and fitness into their daily lives through small, simple positive changes.

“Nutrition is not low fat. It’s not low calorie. It’s not being hungry and feeling deprived. It’s nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest.”

- Unknown

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Start working to optimize your health and fitness today, with our customized coaching program, and I promise in less than 90 days you will see a different person in the mirror!