Nancy Rozina

I am Nancy Rozina.

Certified NASM Personal Trainer and Primal Health Coach.

Specializing in creative, fun, and quick ways to be physically fit at work, at home, and on the run during your busy life!

About Me

Nancy Rozina Waring, embarked on her fitness journey in 2008, at the age of 47 when she ran her first marathon. Since that time, she has qualified for both the Boston Marathon (2013) and USA Olympic Triathlon, Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships (2018).

In 2011 Nancy Rozina began her fitness and health career as a certified personal trainer. Now she is not only a personal trainer but also a certified Primal Health Coach, corporate wellness specialist, functional aging specialist, youth fitness specialist and balance specialist.
In 2015, Nancy Rozina founded Fitness at Work, in Baltimore Maryland, with the mission to train and empower adults to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stroke. 
Prior to launching Fitness At Work, Nancy Rozina was a speech pathologist, with many of these years focused on working with adults following a stroke or who were impacted by mental health conditions. But something changed around 2010. Nancy began to question whether lifestyle, specifically, high stress levels, processed foods and lack of exercise were contributing to her client’s compromised health. Believing, if so, then by changing these behaviors chronic lifestyle disorders could be prevented people could live a long healthy and happy life! Her hunch was right! Now she wants to spread the message to everyone who will listen that no matter your age, or health it is never too late to start, and change can happen within weeks.


My Programs

Workplace Fitness

Strengthen your team and reduce their stress even if they are working from home.

Health Coaching
Achieve the health you desire so you have the energy and vitality for what is important in your life.


First, I listen. If you’re like me, you’ve spent time, money, sweat and tears to achieve your health goals. If you’ve been left feeling confused and frustrated, I understand.

Step 1

30 minute discovery call. Find out at least 1 action you can take now for your health!

Step 2

Comprehensive fitness and health assessment, virtually or in-person.

Step 3

Create Personalized Plan and SMART goals.

Step 4

Fun begins! Launch program.

Fitness means having the energy and vitality to live the life you desire.”

- Nancy Rozina

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