Does Your Company You Have a Corporate Wellness Goal for 2017?

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Corporate wellness is sprouting up in the business world and for good reason! Staying healthy and active at work has its upsides – especially increasing work productivity. Has your company taken action on your corporate wellness goal(s) yet? If not, do you know why? Does it feel like there isn’t enough “time” to get the initiative started?

Generally the HR professional is responsible for creating and launching the wellness program. But with all the other “mandatory responsibilities”, even with the best intentions, developing and launching a wellness program (as with any new program) is not necessarily a top priority nor easy to create.

If your company is considering introducing corporate wellness programs, below is a “beginners guide to creating a solid foundation for your wellness program“. A solid foundation is essential to getting started… below are a few key strategies to help get you started.

A Beginners Guide to Starting a Corporate Wellness Program – in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Management: You MUST have support from upper management, as well as middle management. Successful wellness programs must have the backing of management, both for financial reasons and employee satisfaction. Nothing worse than initiating an in-house wellness program, but employees cannot access the programs because they don’t have time.
  2. Create a wellness committee: Recruit others in the organization to be part of the wellness initiation team. Try to get a diversified group, as it relates to health and wellness. Different perspectives and attitudes can be helpful. Just image if everyone on the team is a runner… guess what the focus will be – running. Get the picture? Have someone on the committee who is truly passionate and will be the cheerleader for the program and get employees excited!!!
  3. Survey the employees: Too often a company will determine a goal without the input of the employees. It is best to get buy-in from the employees –  asking what they desire is very helpful. As with my running example, if only a few employees are interested in a “couch to 5K training program”, creating this style program would probably doom the wellness initiative from the beginning.
  4. Set a SMART GOAL: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound. Yes, I know most of us know what the acronym SMART means but we also know it is easier said than done to create SMART Goals, particularly for new wellness initiatives.Since there is some preparation prior to launching a wellness program this is a great place to start with creating realistic goals. As you move forward in the program you can then create more appropriate and effective goals.Examples of SMART goals for a new wellness initiative may include:
    1. By April 15th, I will send out emails to all employees, informing them about the wellness initiative and asking if they would want to be part of the committee.
    2. By May 1st, all employees will receive and be asked to complete a simple 5 to 10 question survey pertaining to their interest in a wellness program, possible programs, as well as, requesting feedback pertaining to additional programs desired.
    3. By June 1st, will be the launch date of the initial wellness initiate and will involve a “fun, launch event” for the entire staff to get everyone excited and motivated to embrace the workplace wellness program and a healthy workplace culture.
  5. Market the program… get everyone excited and try to have something for everyone. As with any new initiative there will be successes and challenges, it is part of growing.  Talk up the program, have signs around the office, create fun workplace challenges, healthy recipe ideas, potluck lunches/breakfast, company kickball game. There is no limit to what you can create. If you can imagine it, it can be done.
  6. Have fun and keep creating new goals and initiatives…a solid program will grow and if you don’t currently have a healthy work culture this will be an excellent step towards it. A solid health and wellness program ultimately creates a more positive, and connected workplace. And isn’t this want we all want. To work in a place where you are able to do what you love, able to grow both professionally and personally, look forward to going to, and feel valued.

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

For more information on the corporate wellness programs that I offer get in touch for a free consultation. Let’s identify your SMART goals and take the first step towards creating a healthier workplace!

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