What we Do

My programs are personalized to fit your unique needs and challenges. I offer holistic solutions that honor your time, your commitments, your finances and the special struggles you are facing in these complicated and changing times.

Who We Serve

Small to midsized companies

(1 to 200 employees/per location) seeking create or expand their workplace wellness package, increase employee productivity, and reduce healthcare costs.
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Individuals and families

Seeking to transform their health and fitness through making sustainable lifestyle changes to improve health and feel amazing.
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Event Coordinators and Conference Planners

Seeking to energize participants to improve their attention, memory, and energy. (Overcome “Zoom fatigue”.)
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Workplace Fitness

At Fitness at Work, we will work with you to assess your business’s needs, in order to tailor a customized fitness program to meet your specific needs and budget.

Health Coaching

We strive to empower our clients by helping them integrate health, wellness and fitness into their daily lives through small, simple positive changes.


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Specializing in creative, fun, and quick ways to be physically fit at work, at home, and on the run during your busy life.

My Experience

Years of Health Coaching Experience
Happy Customers with References
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Days of a new Superfast Program

“Our thoughts, our food, our breathe and our movement impact our soul, and every cell our body (all 30 trillion of them). When we have positive thoughts, whole nutritious foods, take deep mindful breaths and move, we are moving in the direction of the truly amazing, prosperous, fulfilled adventure, which we call life!”

- Nancy Rozina

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Take our: 30 second Healthy Lifestyle Quiz. Is there some area of your fitness you could improve upon?