Personal Training Fact Sheet – Test Your Knowledge

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1. Personal trainers focus on weight loss.

MYTH: While many individuals hire personal trainers for the primary goal of weight loss, this is not the focus of training. Often clients will start with this as their goal but quickly learn that other factors are very important to overall health and wellness. This includes cardiovascular improvement, strength, flexibility and balance.

2. Personal trainers integrate a variety to modalities and exercises to help each client achieve their goals.

TRUE: There are so many fabulous ways to exercise today and it seems like new programs are emerging all the time. The last thing a session should be is boring. Each session needs to address your specific goals utilizing tools you generally enjoy.

3. You will always by sore for days after a training session.

FALSE: When I became certified as a personal trainer about 5 years ago, my instructor told us that our job is not to make our clients be in pain for days. Generally when a person begins training they will find that there may be some soreness in select muscles that haven’t been used for a while. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The good news is it means your muscles are getting stronger.

4. Personal training must be done in a gym.

FALSE: While a gym/health club can provide a great place to workout, today there are more options than ever to access personal training. Given advances in technology many trainers provide session virtually. Additionally, more trainers are providing sessions outside of the gym, e.g. your home, park.

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