WHAT IS YOUR “FIT”? Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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WHAT IS YOUR “FIT”? Achieve Your Fitness Goals | Fitness at Work

Even with the best intentions it is estimated that by mid-February 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail! With weight loss and initiating an exercise program being the top 2 resolutions each year it is my mission to empower people to identify, engage and achieve their fitness goals and beyond.

Why do you believe is it so difficult to keep your momentum moving towards your fitness goals? While there are numerous reasons, ultimately it comes down to a person not having a powerful, emotional reason to pursue and stick with a healthier lifestyle or their fitness goals. My question to you is, What is Your “Fit”? Meaning what is your motivation? What do you want your life to look and feel like? How energized do you want your life to be? Once you identify a strong enough reason then it possible to make those changes. The more focused and clear your intention is, the greater the chance you will maintain and achieve your goals. Below I have 5 questions to assist you in identifying your “fit” so you will be one of the 20% who maintains their 2017 New Years Resolution.

Unlock Your Fitness Goals: Answer the Four Questions Below to Discover Your “FIT”

    The following are a few powerful “What is Your ‘Fit’” answers shared by clients: to be able to walk up 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath, to actively play with their children, easily get up off the floor, keep up with husband when hiking the mountains in Colorado, fit into a sexy dress, plank for 60 seconds and white water raft down the Colorado River.
  2. WHY NOW?
    Understanding what is motivating you and the reason why these are your goals is critical. So often we take on other peoples goals. Even at this time of the year, with so many people making resolutions to lose weight and get healthier it is easy to just “go with the flow.” What is motivating you now? The more powerful this motivation is the greater your chance of sticking with the goal and making the changes you need to achieve your goal.
    If the image and thought of this goal makes you smile and gets you really excited then it is a powerful goal. If you can’t feel excited when thinking about the goal you may need another one. Change always has challenges and obstacles, which don’t always feel very good and can lead to self doubt and getting discouraged. But if you can focus on how it will feel later, as you progress that will help motivate you to keep the goal. For example, when running my first marathon, around mile 20 my legs were in pain and I felt like I couldn’t even take another step but I did. I was determined to run/walk or crawl if I had to, to reach the finish line. Guess what I did as I crossed the finish line? I cried and not from pain but from the joy of accomplishing something that previously I had never imagined possible.
    Achieving goals can be challenging without support. Without support it is virtually impossible to make lasting change. This is why so many people have trainers and coaches, to have someone to help them move positively and confidently towards their goal but also to assist with accountability and assisting in making modifications when needed. Working out with a partner or small group also increases the chance of success. So find a workout and/or accountability partner. There are numerous social media sites to help with this. Meet up groups are also another way to meet like-minded people. Ideally, hiring a coach or personal trainer may be the best approach but just know there are others ways as well that can fit into any budget (even free).

Does your “Fit” change? ABSOLUTELY!!! Life is constantly changing. What seems to magically happen is that once you start to experience real change in your life from getting healthier it has a way of snowballing; but in a positive and empowering way.

So here we are, January 2017 and you still have time to EMBRACE your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals so that in 12 months you can reflect back to 2017 with a smile on your face, twinkle in your eye and most importantly a healthier, happier more energized you!

My “fit” for 2017 is to complete my first ½ Ironman in 2017 and to be able to complete an unassisted pull up. Why these goals? Because they will push me well beyond my comfort zone. Given previous experience I know that these accomplishments will further empower me in ALL areas of my life.

Don’t be part of the 80%! If you have read to this point, I KNOW you are motivated to make 2017 an awesome year and are ready to translate your goals into reality. What are you going to do to lead the energized and empowered life that you deserve and desire? So, What is Your “Fit”? Remember, this isn’t a competition with your friends. This is about you, your desires and how you want to feel.

I would love for you to share what your “fit” is. Together we are going to get stronger, healthier and happier! Click here to get in touch to discuss what your “fit” is or to learn more about my corporate or personal training programs.

In health and happiness!


Nancy Waring, MS is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist, Certified Spin Instructor and Achieve Today Personal Development Coach. I look forward to hearing from all of you and making 2017 the best year ever!

To share what your “fit” is, or to get in touch with Nancy to meet your corporate or personal fitness goals, click here!

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