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Since March 2020 all lives and businesses have been impacted. The greatest change has been t providing more of my virtual services. Luckily, I had started to provide virtual training and coaching in 2019 recognizing that more people are seeking online programs. This has become an opportunity to provide my services beyond the MDV area.
Recess At Work is a fitness based workout for ideally parents and their children. This program has been developed as a direct response to the changes in our lives since March 2020. The 30 minute program is based on fun, engaging fitness activities that combine cardio, strength, flexibility with play. As I like to say, “why should our kids have all the fun with recess and play?” This is offered virtually.
No. Fitness At Work started as a workplace fitness business in early 2016 but since that time has expanded to include personal and small group health coaching and online fitness programs.
Yes. Additionally I offer hybrid (both virtual and in-person) coaching programs for clients who live in the Baltimore area.
It depends on the package. All packages are customized to meet the needs of each client or company. That is why I provide a complimentary discovery call to better be able to determine the best program, which almost always means affordable too.
Yes and no. The number on the scale is NEVER the goal of my fitness and/or health program. While I recognize this is an important marker it does not always reflect optimal health. In fact, I have worked with many clients how need to gain weight. For clients with weight concern (whether to gain or loss weight) nutrition is critical.
If you are thinking this the answer is yes. I haven’t met anyone who has asked me this question who doesn’t need a coach. Truth is there is a tremendous amount of knowledge all around us which frankly can be very confusing. Nonetheless, not all coaches and approaches are the same and sometimes it can take time to find the one that is truly a great fit. A coaching relationship can be intimate because within the process you will share not just successes but also challenges. You need a coach you trust and can be honest with.
This first step is to schedule your discovery all. This 30 minute complimentary conversation will help you to better recognize what your wellness and fitness needs are. My promise is that I will provide at least one easy to follow suggestions to help you get started. Also, if I am not the right person, I will let you know and assist you, if desired, in finding the right person.

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