Dog-E-Fit Fact Sheet


  1. It is possible to meet the CDC recommendation of moderate cardiovascular exercise while walking your dog.

TRUE:   The CDC recommends approximately 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.  Coincidently, it is recommended that your dog is active between 30 minutes to two hours daily.  So next time you walk your dog pick up the pace; it is good for you and your dog.

  1. Dogs can become overweight.

TRUE:  Sad but true. The Association for  Pet Obesity Prevention found that approximately 54% of dogs are overweight.

  1. Walking/running is the only exercise I can do with my dog.

MYTH:  The majority of pet owners simply walk their dog but it is easy to add balance, strength and flexibility exercises while walking your dog.  This is especially easy when you walk in a park.  Using a simple park bench you can perform strength training exercises, such as push ups and tricep dips to improve some upper body strength.  The options are limitless.

  1. Exercising with your dog could improve your connection with your pet.

TRUE:  I will be honest, I am saying TRUE based on my own experience.  Initially I simple dreaded taking my dog for a walk but once I saw it as a TIME to exercise, not just my dog but myself, I started to look forward to our walks.


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