Creating New Year’s Resolutions That Inspire

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin


Months ago, most companies began working on their 2018 goals.  Reviewing and analyzing 2017 performance and success was critical for determining new goals.  Now imagine your personal growth as a business; would you wait until the end of 2017 to create your major goals?  Of course not, but this is what many of us do as it relates to making New Year’s Resolutions – those promises we make to ourselves that generally involve improving our health, lifestyle and/or finances.

We have all done it…habitually, impulsively or cavalierly decide on a New Year’s Resolution and really felt, “This year I am COMMITTED to the goal”.  Honestly, for the past 3 years my resolution was to perform an unassisted pull-up, and guess what, I still can’t do it.  I work at it for a few weeks then stop. Why do I seem to lose momentum every year?  Does this sound familiar? Obviously, the goal to have a stronger upper body is not that motivating enough for me to put in the work.

It is estimated 33% of Americans will make a resolution, but by month 6, over 50% have given up on their goal. These stats are so crazy, it makes you wonder why a person would even begin to create personal goals anyway, right? Wrong! When your goal makes you feel energized, empowered and motivated; one that will have a truly positive impact on your life it is not crazy!


Most common New Year’s Resolution themes include: getting or staying fit, weight loss, getting healthier, exercising, meditating, quitting smoking, making more money, or saving money. Each of these goals can be very powerful to improving one’s overall wellness and life. The seed to a goal is our thought, but without action and working directly on the goal, the DREAM/INTENTION will die because we don’t “feed” the goal/seed.  Just like a business, without goals and direction you flounder, or even worse, regress.

Let’s change our mindset regarding goals.  Think of your goal(s) as a project.  What will it look like at the end, how will you feel, what improvements will it make to your LIFE!  It is about your Life and Well-being.


  1. Write down at least 15 possible goals:Reflect on all those goals you have thought about during 2017 …all of those “I wish/I need/I want to…” No need to be specific, keep it simple,  eg. Loss weight, quit smoking
  2. Next day, read your goals, cross out at least 5; ultimately no more than 5 goals.
  3. Lastly, write out your goals and why the goal is important: For example… I will get healthy because I want to have the energy to run around the park with my 3 year old…or I will meditate daily because I feel very stressed and when I do mediate I feel more focused, energized and present.  My pull up goal would be, “I will perform an unassisted pull-up because it will take hard work, focus and commitment and I will feel like a “bad-ass”.

After completing steps 1-3 put the goals aside and after a few days review the list…cross out any goals you are not passionate and excited about.

This is the first blog in a series to assist you in determining an awesome New Year’s Resolution/Goal enabling you to increase your success in achieving the goal.

The next blog will focus on how to take those passionate resolutions and formulate measurable, empowering and focused personal goal(s) for 2018.

Feel free to share any thoughts, or suggestions.  Together we can all make 2018 the Happiest, Healthiest and Most Prosperous Year!  Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]  or check out our website:

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