Corporate Wellness Fact Sheet – Test Your Knowledge


1. Presenteeism (sub par performance because an employee may not be feeling 100%) impacts the bottom line.

TRUE: In fact presenteeism costs an average of between $2000 to $2800 per employee.

2. It doesn’t matter what type of wellness program you introduce, what is important is to just have a program.

FALSE: To have a successful program it is imperative to assess the wellness needs and challenges of the employees so that appropriate programs can be implemented.

3. Wellness Programs are expensive.

FALSE: As with most programs, Wellness programs can be provided with only minimal costs, while others have elaborate programs. It all depends on the needs and goals of each business.

4. HR Directors have the greatest impact on the success of a wellness program.

FALSE: While the HR professionals are instrumental in working on wellness programs, programs that have demonstrated the greatest success begin with the support and example of the CEO COO and other upper level management.

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