5 Simple Exercises To Energize Your Work Day For People Who Hate Exercise

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5 Simple Exercises To Energize Your Work Day For People Who Hate Exercise | Fitness at Work

Those that do not have time for physical activity will sooner or later have time for illness” Edward Stanley British Statesmen 1872

Imagine, you have been driving for hours and pull over for a quick break. How do you feel when you get out of the car? Are you tired? Is your body tight? Do you feel exhausted? Nonetheless, after doing a few simple exercises and moving around for even 10 minutes you feel more energized and alert ready to continue the journey.

“It is estimated that the average American sits between 7 to 10 hours a day.” No wonder most people are tired when they leave work. Not only are they emotionally exhausted but their bodies are tired too. Frequently I hear employees say that there is no time to “move or to get up and stretch”. My question is, how can you afford not to move…through simple exercises and movement we are able to get more energized which improves our ability to concentrate and focus. While more and more businesses are integrating standing desks into the workplace I have found most employees report that they spend most of their day sitting.

Below are 5 simple exercises and movements that you can do at your desk to get you more energized at work and hopefully after work too.

Energize Your Work Day with Simple Exercises

  1. Stand up every 20 to 30 minutes, even if just for 1 minute: Set a timer on your phone, use your smart watch or calendar, have a standing buddy but get up out of your chair. Ideally try to walk around the office. But frequent short burst of movement is good for your health and mental focus.
  2. Standing Stretch: Sit up straight, shoulders back and take a few nice deep breathes.   Raise right arm overhead and as you exhale bend to left side. You should feel a nice stretch. Repeat 5 to 10 times and switch arms. Between the stretch and breathe you will feel more energized.
  3. Chair squats: Stand up with the back of your knees gently touching the seat of your chair. Slowly sit back until you just begin to sit onto your chair then stand up. Repeat 10 plus times.
  4. Desk/Wall Push Ups: Make certain you have a steady surface that will not move or break. Place hands shoulder width distance apart and step your feet back so you are on an incline. Slowly bend elbows as you move towards your desk/table then return to starting position. Repeat 5 or more times.
  5. Standing leg lifts: Stand up straight and slowly lift one leg up to about hip distance (90-degree angle) and lower. Repeat 10 times on each leg. This assists with balance and movement in the hip. Additionally, you can lift leg then swing it behind you (back and forth) to get an increase in range of motion.

The hardest part of engaging in physical activity is getting started. Getting healthier is within everyone’s reach. The above 5 strategies are just a sample of movements that are available to those employees who find they spend 7+ hours sitting each day.

Let me know whether these exercises help you get moving. I also would love for you to share with me what exercises, stretches and movements get your energized. Click here to get in touch – whether to share what exercises here have inspired you, or to learn more about my corporate or personal fitness programs!

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source: How Much Standing Is Required to Stay Healthy?

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